Nine Hills 2024


Nove Colli 2023. From the sea to the hills, a cycling race that tests any athlete, even the most prepared, but which undoubtedly offers unforgettable emotions.

It starts from the Agip colony in Cesenatico covering the first 28 km with very high averages (over 40Km / h) taking advantage of the trails of the other cyclists, arriving at the first climb, the one to Bertinoro.

km 37: Polenta
The first ascent of the Nove Colli is found in the Bertinoro area. 8 kilometers of ascent with an average gradient of 3% and a maximum gradient of 13%: the difference in altitude is 227 meters.

km 65: Pieve di Rivoschio
Once in Piandispino, another 8 kilometers of ascent begin: the average gradient is 4.7%, while the maximum reaches 9%. The difference in height is 307 meters.

km 77: Ciola
After Linaro you reach the ascent of Ciola: the length of the climb is 6 km, with a difference in height of 313 meters. 5.5% the average slope; 11% the maximum.

km 91: Barbotto
Probably the most demanding and representative climb. In just 5.5 km you climb 372 meters. The maximum slope reaches even 18%: 6.9% the average one.

km 102: Montetiffi
Located in the municipality of Sogliano, it is a climb of only 3 km: however, the maximum slope reaches 16%. The average is 5.8%.

km 111: Perticara
After passing the Montetiffi you reach Perticara, near Novafeltria. 4.1% the average slope; 12% the maximum, for a difference in height of almost 370 meters.

km 130: Mount Pugliano
The most important difference in height of the Nove Colli: in nine kilometers you can climb 511 meters, the result of an average gradient of 5.6%. The maximum touches 12%.

km 144: Pass of the hedges
After Secchiano you reach this ascent of 4 kilometers: 5.8% the average gradient, "only" 7% the maximum.

km 162: Sogliano
The last effort of the Nove Colli is also one of the easiest to tackle. Relatively short ascent of 4 kilometers, with sections at 10%. The average slope is 4.2%.

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